Dept. of Food Microbiology and Safety


  1. Impart basic recent updated knowledge and training of Microbiology and allied discipline in same subject.
  2. To inoculate the Microbiology interest scientific tempo research attitude.
  3. To establish the Microbiology importance in food industries.
  4. To establish the training for students to getting knowledge about the HACCP food quality management GMP health hygiene and sanitation etc.
  5. To develop the microbiological practices.


  1. Organization of student centered activities.
  2. Organization of seminars and orals to promote hidden potential of students.
  3. Initiate research culture UG students.
  4. To create social awareness about hygiene and sanitation as well as the health.
  5. Provide consultancy to society about water purification pollution disease causative organisms and prevention control measures
  6. To provide soft skills of among students by providing necessary facilities.


  1. The advancement of science and particularly chemistry through education research and service mission.
  2. To provide the best available basic knowledge & cutting edge innovations in chemistry to the student community.
  3. To become an institute which will assist the Indian chemical world industries and stake holders by providing competitive trained chemists.
  4. To educate the problem solving capacity and research interest in the area of Microbiology.