Dept . of Food Engineering


By offering comprehensive high quality graduate programs at an intellectual level, the vision of the department is to be a leading establishment which brings up individuals who successfully carry out research and contribute to areas of relevant science implement qualitative scientific research, perform as reformists and model, are able to bring in solutions to productive and industrial institutions and use his/her accretion in the benefit of the society.


The mission of the department is nurturing successful engineers who are able to adapt to the technological innovations of the 21st century, productive able to facilitate basic engineering principles into food engineering, have a scientific consciousness and  hold ethic values in high regards, Graduates of the department will be equipped with the qualitative knowledge for food production, distribution, marketing, quality control, design, improvement and utilization of tools and machines used throughout the food industry.


Enhance graduate employability.

Develop and implement emerging technologies in food applications.

Prepare versatile, resilient and globally competent graduates.

Expand instruction diversity while maintaining high standards of excellence.

Expand multidisciplinary and integrated research and outreach programs.

Expand current and develop new revenue sources.

Regain and expand capacity to meet growing extension education and lifelong learning needs.