Dept. of Food Business Management


          Main objective of carrying out business management related education, research and extension activities in the field of Food Processing Technology. Extensive application of Management Principles in the working of food processing industries, along with the phenomenal revolution in the field of Information Technology, necessitates a need to provide formal management education to the students of DMCFT.  The department mainly focuses on courses such as Project Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Marketing Management & International Trade, Operation Research, Computer Programming & Data Structures, IT Applications in Food Industry, Engineering Mathematics and Language & Communication Skills.

The department is also looking after the Students’ Representative Council, Training & Placement and Under Graduate academic activities of the college along with implementation of special projects as assigned by the college/university.


To train and develop skills of the students on the application of principles of management in food processing business with special emphasis on main functional areas of the industry.

To bring out the hidden potential and entrepreneurship aptitude of the students and also to encourage team building activities by enhancing the decision making, critical thinking and the problem solving capabilities of the students.

To make a significant contribution in the field of food processing business by inter-institutional collaboration in education, research and extension and providing benefits to all the stakeholders, producer farmers, industry, students, academia, government and society.


To achieve excellence in the field of food business management in line with the mandate area of the university i.e. academics, research and extension